Oh no! Electrical system issues aren’t only annoying — but hazardous. Call us for a Calgary electrician. Here are four common electrical problems we can help you out with:

Lights Keep Flickering

If your lights flicker, check if there is a loose plug or bulb. If they aren’t loose, you may have a more serious issue. Notice when the flickering happens and for how long. These clues can help our electricians pinpoint the issue.

Lights can flicker for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Your neighbor on the same transformer may be using too much power.
  • Fluctuating voltage may be the issue if flickering happens when appliances are off and light bulbs are burning out frequently.
  • Loose or outdated wiring can cause flickering — along with a fire.

Receptacles Heat Up When Used

An electrical receptacle can get warm if something with an internal transformer is plugged into it (e.g. laptop charger or smartphone charger). Unplug it to cool. But, something is definitely wrong if the receptacle becomes hot, and that increases the risk of an electrical fire or shock. A circuit could be overloading or there could be a loose contacts in the receptacle. UpgradeHome.com warns, “If your electrical plug gets hot while it’s plugged in this can be due to faulty wiring. The best thing to do is to turn off the outlet at the breaker, unplug all appliances and call a professional to come and fix the problem before you use the outlet again.”

Plugs Keep Falling Out of Walls

It’s irritating to plug in your vacuum and have the plug come right out of the wall! If every cord you’ve tried to plug in falls out, your receptacle has faulty contact points which aren’t gripping the prongs tightly. This can start a fire, and it happens more with 2-prong plugs. You’ll need a Calgary electrician to replace them.

Circuit Breaker Tripping When the Microwave is Used

Microwaves are notorious for overloading circuits. To rule out a malfunctioning microwave, plug it in elsewhere. If that breaker trips right away, the microwave needs replacement/repair. If the breaker isn’t tripped in this receptacle, then your microwave needs its own dedicated spot in the breaker box.

Calgary electrician can remedy common electrical problems — and more. Don’t deal with frustrating flickering lights, overloaded circuits, hot receptacles, and plugs falling out of the walls any longer. We’ll make your life easier — and safer! Call Westhills Plumbing & Heating today!