While DIY water installation might seem like a good idea at first, there are a lot of risks involved and, not to mention, it’s far more difficult than it might appear to be. On top of that, it can cost you a lot of money down the line and cause problems that could pose a risk to you and your family. That’s why you need one of the top Calgary water heater installation companies to handle your water heater installation.

Professionals are Trained to Install Water Heaters

When it comes to installing a water heater, you yourself simply can’t match the skills, training, and knowledge that a licensed technician or plumber has. You might be able to follow the directions and find tips online, but getting the job done right the first time means hiring a trained and licensed professional to handle the installation of a water heater.

Water Heaters Pose a Fire Risk

You might not be aware, but a water heater poses a significant fire risk – particularly if it isn’t installed properly. That’s because many water heaters rely on gas as a fuel source, which is highly flammable. While you might feel confident in your DIY skills, improperly installing your water heater could cause it to explode.

Water Heaters Can Release Carbon Monoxide

Given that combustion is part of the process of heating the water, carbon monoxide is produced by your water heater. However, if the tank and its components are installed properly, then there’s no need to worry as the gas will be properly vented and pose no risk. But an improper or poor installation can interfere with the water heater’s ability to vent carbon monoxide. And since carbon monoxide has no taste or odour, but is extremely dangerous, it’s safer to hire a professional than run the risk of causing a leak within your house.

Improper Installation Can Decrease Home Value

When it comes to installing a water heater, having the right parts and components makes a big difference. There’s just so many makes and models of water heaters on the market – from tankless to a standard gas unit – that it’s extremely important to find a professional who not only know what they’re doing, but has all of the tools, technology, and knowledge needed for the installation process.

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