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3 Benefits to a Tankless Water Heater

Are you considering a new tankless water heater installation in your home? Old, traditional style water heaters can take up a lot of room. They also have to heat water and hold it in a large tank, keeping it hot until you decide you need it. Tankless heater units can last years longer on average since they’re easier to repair, and their energy efficiency makes them attractive. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why tankless water heaters are so popular!

1. Hot Water on Demand

If you’ve ever run out of hot water while more than one appliance is running or many family members have taken a shower or bath around the same time of day, you know that it takes a while for the hot water tank to fill up again. The wait is terribly inconvenient. A tankless water heater heats water on demand, so you aren’t inconvenienced while you wait for a large tank to fill.

2. Longer Lifespan

On average, a traditional style water heater lasts about 8-12 years. A tankless water heater typically lasts 15-20 years (if it’s been properly used and maintained). That’s a major boost in longevity from old style to tankless!

Tankless water heaters are also easier to repair than traditional styles. Plus, you don’t have to worry about major leaking or even the tank exploding — which are possibilities with traditional water heaters.

It’s important to have a qualified technician do any water heater installation. Do-it-yourself installations can cause your unit to malfunction, severely reducing the unit’s lifespan. You also need to follow building codes, pick the correct size for your particular home, possibly obtain a permit, etc. Improper installation could create a dangerous situation. This is a job best left to us professionals.

3. Energy Efficient

Upfront, tankless water heater units may cost more. However, a tankless water heater usually uses 30 percent less in energy costs. That’s phenomenal news for your wallet!

However, tankless water heater installation may not be the best option for every home. Contemplate these questions before purchase:

  • How much hot water does your household use?
  • How many rooms does your house have?
  • How many people live there?
  • How much is your current utility bill?

If you’re considering tankless water heater installation, give Westhills Plumbing & Furnace a call. We can go over the benefits or drawbacks with you so you make the best decision for your own home.

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