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4 Required Plumbing Inspections Before You Buy a House

Buying a new home is a considerable investment, so you want to be sure you are getting one with as few problems as possible. It would help if you did not overlook anything before signing the purchase, including the plumbing. The plumbing should be a significant factor, and professional plumbing services in Calgary can help perform the inspection.


Having a professional plumber perform the inspection before you sign off on the purchase could help you address problems with your realtor. Also, if the seller is reputable, they won’t mind this type of inspection, as they should not hide plumbing issues before selling. 


During the inspection, the plumbing services in Calgary inspection will include: 


Inspection of Water Drains 


A frustrating plumbing issue for homeowners can occur when the drain line becomes clogged. Certain consumer products are on the market to address these issues if they are not severe, but there are also times when the case requires plumbing services in Calgary. 


If the issue is severe, it is more than likely it’s related to sewer problems. Sewer problems happen if the ground shifts or if the initial installation was poorly conceived. Water draining issues can also be related to pipes made of old cast iron or clay tile. Another factor that could result in poor draining water is roots that may have made their way into the lines and created a clog. These issues require professional plumbing services. 


Sewer Inspection 


Visually inspecting your pipes can tell you if any changes are needed before you move into your new home. A professional plumber can help determine if there are any problems with your septic tank or sewer. These professionals can also tell you if the sewer is located in a good location. 


A broken sewer system is expensive and definitely one you want to avoid when buying a new home. It is important to learn about all areas that could cause potential problems before buying your new home, and plumbing issues are one of these.


Inspect the Water Heater 


Having a professional plumber inspect a new home before you buy it can reveal any issues with the water heater. A plumber can also tell you the age of the unit and what it is still capable of concerning performance. If issues are discovered during the inspection, you could deal with the seller to replace the unit.


Check the Water Pressure 


A plumber can check the pipes in a home and determine the water pressure. If the water pressure is good, the house will have at least a half-inch in diameter pipes. The lines in the place should be three-fourths to an inch from the water source for good water pressure. A plumber will also be able to determine if the house has lead pipes. Lead pipes are an environmental toxin, and you may not want to purchase a new home with these types of pipes. 


A New Home Should Have a Plumbing Inspection 


While an inspection will not uncover all issues if there are some not disclosed by a seller, with the help of professional plumbing services in Calgary, you can be aware of what they are if they exist. This inspection could save you money, stress, and time in the purchase of a new home. 


Where to Find Great Plumbing Services in Calgary 


Call Westhills Plumbing & Heating if you are buying a new home and would like to schedule an inspection. We are the leading plumbing experts in the area and provide you with high-quality plumbing and heating services at competitive prices. 

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