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4 Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning should be a part of your regular home maintenance routine. That’s because a professional drain cleaning can extend the lifespan of your home’s plumbing and save you money in the long-term. Here’s what you need to know about professional Calgary drain cleaning and its top benefits.

Eliminates Nasty Odours

There’s a lot of biological and organic matter that goes down your drains on a daily basis. Everything from hair and soap scum in the bathroom to organic food matter in your kitchen – and we all know what goes down the toilet.

When a clog begins to form in your drains, the organic matter begins to break down and decay as bacteria feasts on it. That then creates a foul odour that then creeps up from your drains. A professional drain cleaning eliminates the bacteria’s food source, which can decrease or even outright eliminate the stench completely.

Keeps Your Pipes Healthy

All of the build-up of chemicals, grease, and other materials within your pipes can lead to them eventually corroding and leaking. Leaks, whether big or small, can be a potential nightmare to deal with. Drain cleaning, though, when performed on a regular basis eliminates the build-ups, thereby preventing them from corroding your pipes.

Not only does regular drain cleaning keep your pipes healthy and from corroding, it also is a big part of proper pipe maintenance. It’s important to know that properly maintained pipes can last for decades with few problems. That’s why you need to look into Calgary drain cleaning to extend the lifespan of your pipes.

Prevents Clogs and Build-Up

Letting a slow drain progress into a clog can be a major hassle to deal with. If the clog in question is a stubborn one, then it doesn’t matter how hard or how much you plunge; it’s not going anywhere. Over-the-count chemical drain cleaners are made up of harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes – and can be hazardous to your health and the environment if used improperly. That’s why you need professional drain cleaning on a regular basis, because it prevents clogs from forming in the first place.

Saves You Money in the Long-Term

One of the biggest reasons that people avoid professional drain cleaning on a regular basis is the cost. However, the cost of regular, professional drain cleaning pales in comparison to the costs associated with water damage and drain backups.

Clogs are the biggest problem that can happen without regular drain cleanings. If the clog is underground and you have a back-up, then chances are that they’ll need to bring in some heavy equipment to fix it. Thus, drain cleaning saves you the headache associated with the cost and inconvenience of having to repair the damage caused by a clog in the first place.

If you’re looking at having Calgary drain cleaning performed, then you need to know that the benefits outweigh the costs. Professional drain cleaning should absolutely be a part of your regular home maintenance routine. Looking for drain cleaning in Calgary? Look no further than Westhills Plumbing and Heating! Give us a call today!

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