It’s pretty nasty to turn your tap on, only for icky brown water to come spewing out. There are two main causes for brown water and you don’t always require a plumbing repair in Calgary. Here’s what you need to know about the common causes of brown water and when you need to call in a plumbing repair.

Mineral Disturbances

The most common cause of brown water is an excessive amount of minerals or sediment in the water that’s been disturbed. Now, these minerals and sediments are naturally occurring in both the water and your pipes, but they can occasionally become dislodged and discolour your water.

If you’ve had construction done either on your home or the main water line – or if there’s construction happening nearby – then that could be the cause of the disturbance. If that’s the case, it usually corrects itself within a few hours.

Rusty Pipes

The second most common cause of brown water is that your pipes have corroded due to rust. While plumbing usually has a pretty long lifespan, corrosion does occur. If the corrosion within your plumbing system becomes bad enough, the rust begins to extend into the interiors of your pipes, causing the water that comes out of your taps to turn brown.

If rusty pipes are the cause of brown water within your home, then it’s only going to get worse with time. Eventually, your pipes will corrode to the point where they will begin to leak. You need to call a plumber to investigate and locate where the corroded sections of pipe are to properly repair your pipes and keep the problem from recurring.

When to Call for a Plumbing Repair in Calgary

If brown water is a persistent problem for you – or if it lasts longer than a few hours – then you need to make a call for a plumbing repair. A plumbing repair will catch the problem at its source and resolve it, so calling in a local Calgary plumber is the right choice.

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You might not think that it’s a problem at first, but there are a couple of reasons why hard water causes issues. That’s why you need to have a serious chat with your local Calgary plumber about your options for solutions to your hard water dilemma.

Common Problems of Hard Water

One of the biggest reasons hard water is such a problem is its reaction to cleaning products, how it creates soap build-up, and how it wears fixtures and appliances down much faster than soft water. The most common problems associated with hard water include:

  • Scale build-up within water supply pipes, which restricts water flow
  • Scale and film build-up on tiles and fixtures
  • Scale deposits shorten the lifespan of water heaters
  • Spots or film on “clean” dishes and glasses
  • Less effective at washing clothes, due to lack of suds
  • Increased wear on clothes during washing

The Effects of Hard Water on Plumbing

It’s important to know that the build-up caused by hard water on fixtures is only a part of the problems it causes. That’s because the minerals in hard water also cause build-up within your pipes, appliances, and fixtures over time. It’s the build-up that we can’t see that’s the serious problem.

These build-ups can cause many problems, including reduced water flow, clogs, and increased stress on pipes, fixtures, and appliances. Plus, the build-up on the interiors of your appliances can cause them to operate at a lower level of efficiency and wear down much faster. Thus, if you’ve got hard water, you’re going to have to deal with your fixtures and appliances operating less efficiently over time and have to deal with frequent repairs and, possibly, replacements.

If you’ve got hard water, it’s a serious problem where you need to talk to a Calgary plumber about your potential solutions. For those looking for a solution to their hard water problems, Westhills has you covered. Give us a call today!

If a plumbing emergency happens to you, it’s vital that you know what to do. This can help ease some of the panic and anxiety you might have during a plumbing emergency and potentially help you avoid extensive repairs. Of course, handling a plumbing emergency includes knowing when to call an emergency plumber. But there are other steps you can take; here’s what you need to know about handling a plumbing emergency.

Turn Off the Water

Your first step in a plumbing emergency is to do your best to identify the source of the problem and shut off its water supply. Now, that might be as simple as shutting off the water that supplies your toilet, but it can easily mean having to go and shut off the main valve that supplies your home.

Turn Your Water Heater Off

Even if it isn’t a part of the problem, turning off your water heater should be the next step when faced with a plumbing emergency. Doing so will protect your water heater from further damage and can help mitigate the damage that might be caused if your water heater should rupture or overheat.

Open All Drains and Exterior Spigots

Even if you turn off the main valve that supplies water to your home, there’s still water in your pipes. To encourage that water to exit your pipes, open all of the spigots on the exterior of your home and give your garden hose a few good squirts, just to be safe.

You should also ensure that your drains are all clear, so if you have a partial clog, try removing it using a plunger. If you can’t, then you’re going to need to call in an emergency plumber for help.

Call an Emergency Plumber in Calgary

One of the absolute first steps you want to take is to call your emergency plumber of choice. It’s crucial that you make that call because you want to halt the problem and get it fixed as soon as possible so that you don’t have to deal with expensive and probably extensive repairs.

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Professional drain cleaning should be a part of your regular home maintenance routine. That’s because a professional drain cleaning can extend the lifespan of your home’s plumbing and save you money in the long-term. Here’s what you need to know about professional Calgary drain cleaning and its top benefits.

Eliminates Nasty Odours

There’s a lot of biological and organic matter that goes down your drains on a daily basis. Everything from hair and soap scum in the bathroom to organic food matter in your kitchen – and we all know what goes down the toilet.

When a clog begins to form in your drains, the organic matter begins to break down and decay as bacteria feasts on it. That then creates a foul odour that then creeps up from your drains. A professional drain cleaning eliminates the bacteria’s food source, which can decrease or even outright eliminate the stench completely.

Keeps Your Pipes Healthy

All of the build-up of chemicals, grease, and other materials within your pipes can lead to them eventually corroding and leaking. Leaks, whether big or small, can be a potential nightmare to deal with. Drain cleaning, though, when performed on a regular basis eliminates the build-ups, thereby preventing them from corroding your pipes.

Not only does regular drain cleaning keep your pipes healthy and from corroding, it also is a big part of proper pipe maintenance. It’s important to know that properly maintained pipes can last for decades with few problems. That’s why you need to look into Calgary drain cleaning to extend the lifespan of your pipes.

Prevents Clogs and Build-Up

Letting a slow drain progress into a clog can be a major hassle to deal with. If the clog in question is a stubborn one, then it doesn’t matter how hard or how much you plunge; it’s not going anywhere. Over-the-count chemical drain cleaners are made up of harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes – and can be hazardous to your health and the environment if used improperly. That’s why you need professional drain cleaning on a regular basis, because it prevents clogs from forming in the first place.

Saves You Money in the Long-Term

One of the biggest reasons that people avoid professional drain cleaning on a regular basis is the cost. However, the cost of regular, professional drain cleaning pales in comparison to the costs associated with water damage and drain backups.

Clogs are the biggest problem that can happen without regular drain cleanings. If the clog is underground and you have a back-up, then chances are that they’ll need to bring in some heavy equipment to fix it. Thus, drain cleaning saves you the headache associated with the cost and inconvenience of having to repair the damage caused by a clog in the first place.

If you’re looking at having Calgary drain cleaning performed, then you need to know that the benefits outweigh the costs. Professional drain cleaning should absolutely be a part of your regular home maintenance routine. Looking for drain cleaning in Calgary? Look no further than Westhills Plumbing and Heating! Give us a call today!

Like any appliance or fixture, sometimes your toilet needs to be replaced. That’s why you need to find the experts in toilet replacement in Calgary to help you know when to replace your toilet and when to get it repaired. Here are the signs that you need to look out for that tell you it’s time to replace your toilet.

There’s a Crack in the Tank

If you’re noticing water pooling around the base of your toilet, chances are that your toilet’s tank has a leak or a crack in it. When it comes to cracks in the tank, some can be repaired. But if the crack is below the waterline, then you’re looking at having to replace the entire tank. In such cases, it’s better to opt for a full toilet replacement – particularly if your toilet is on the older side.

Toilet is Constantly Leaking

Toilet leaks are dangerous and can cause a lot of extensive (and expensive) damage. You might not even notice at first, but by the time you do it’s likely to be too late to do anything but shell out a lot of money to replace not only the toilet, but the flooring and subfloor as well. While a small, occasional leak can be easily fixed, if your toilet seems to be constantly springing leaks, then it’s time for a replacement.

The Flush Never Ends

Although a running toilet might be an easy fix, if you’re finding that your fixes are only temporary, then your toilet is likely starting to breakdown and needs replacement. Sometimes, you can fix a never-ending flush by fixing the flapper or adjusting the chain. But if you’re doing that on an almost daily basis, then your toilet’s reached the end of its life.

Toilet Frequently Clogs

Let’s face it: toilet clogs happen. The occasional clog isn’t cause for alarm, but if you’re resorting to the plunger every other day, then you’ve got a serious problem. If that’s the case, then you’re going to want to look into full toilet replacement in Calgary and, possibly, getting your drains and pipes examined as well – just in case there’s a problem there.

Getting your toilet replaced doesn’t have to be a headache. Hopefully, this clears up some of the confusion about when you should look at toilet replacement in Calgary. If you’re in need of toilet replacement, then look no further than Westhills Plumbing and Heating! Give us a call today!

There’s a lot of information out there about plumbing and plumbing systems. But how much of that do you actually need to know as a homeowner? And where do you go when you have questions about plumbing? Don’t worry, your local Calgary plumber is here to answer some of your most frequently asked plumbing-related questions.

Why is my toilet constantly running?

There are a couple of reasons that your toilet might be constantly running. These can include:

  1. The flapper needs replacement.
  2. You may need to trim the chain that connects the flapper to the handle.
  3. The float valve requires some height adjustment.

These are relatively simple and easy problems to fix. Now, if fixing or adjusting any of these doesn’t stop your toilet’s constant running, then it’s best that you give your preferred local Calgary plumber a call.

Are chemical drain cleaners safe to use?

Although they’re relatively safe in terms of availability on the market and for a single, one-time use, it’s recommended that you avoid using chemical drain cleaners. These cleaners can cause your toilet bowl to deteriorate over time – they can also cause your pipes, if metal, to deteriorate, and can also cause plastic pipes to heat up and warp over time. It’s recommended that you avoid using chemical drain cleaners at all costs.

Why am I running out of hot water?

If you find yourself frequently running out of hot water, then it’s likely that your water heater simply cannot keep up with household demand. If you have a traditional water heater with a tank, that means that you’re going through its reservoir faster than it can replenish the supply. If that’s the case, then you might want to consider upgrading to either a larger tank or to a tankless water heater.

What shouldn’t I put in my garbage disposal?

There are the obvious things that shouldn’t go down the garbage disposal, such as utensils, but there are a couple of other things that you should avoid putting down the garbage disposal. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Coffee grounds
  • Grease
  • Eggshells
  • Onion skins
  • Potato peels

Hopefully, these questions have gone a long way to answering some of your plumbing-related questions. If you have more questions, then you should give your local Calgary plumber a call or check their website for more plumbing-related information and knowledge. Westhills Plumbing and Heating is here for you if you’ve got plumbing-related questions. Visit our website today!

While DIY water installation might seem like a good idea at first, there are a lot of risks involved and, not to mention, it’s far more difficult than it might appear to be. On top of that, it can cost you a lot of money down the line and cause problems that could pose a risk to you and your family. That’s why you need one of the top Calgary water heater installation companies to handle your water heater installation.

Professionals are Trained to Install Water Heaters

When it comes to installing a water heater, you yourself simply can’t match the skills, training, and knowledge that a licensed technician or plumber has. You might be able to follow the directions and find tips online, but getting the job done right the first time means hiring a trained and licensed professional to handle the installation of a water heater.

Water Heaters Pose a Fire Risk

You might not be aware, but a water heater poses a significant fire risk – particularly if it isn’t installed properly. That’s because many water heaters rely on gas as a fuel source, which is highly flammable. While you might feel confident in your DIY skills, improperly installing your water heater could cause it to explode.

Water Heaters Can Release Carbon Monoxide

Given that combustion is part of the process of heating the water, carbon monoxide is produced by your water heater. However, if the tank and its components are installed properly, then there’s no need to worry as the gas will be properly vented and pose no risk. But an improper or poor installation can interfere with the water heater’s ability to vent carbon monoxide. And since carbon monoxide has no taste or odour, but is extremely dangerous, it’s safer to hire a professional than run the risk of causing a leak within your house.

Improper Installation Can Decrease Home Value

When it comes to installing a water heater, having the right parts and components makes a big difference. There’s just so many makes and models of water heaters on the market – from tankless to a standard gas unit – that it’s extremely important to find a professional who not only know what they’re doing, but has all of the tools, technology, and knowledge needed for the installation process.

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If you’re noticing problems with your hot water heater, it could be that it’s just in need of a quick repair. However, sometimes the problems indicate that there’s something seriously wrong that’s classed as an emergency. When that happens, you need urgent Calgary water heater repair. Here’s what to look out for if you suspect that you’ve got a water heater emergency on your hands.

Sediments in the Tank

One of the most common causes of a water heater emergency is caused by something that’s otherwise relatively harmless. Naturally, the water that enters your water heater has minerals in it that gradually build up into sediments in your tank.

Sediments in the tank can cause a host of problems. These can include taking a long time for water to heat up and can cause hot spots to form in your tank, as the sediments trap heat beneath themselves. Eventually, these hot spots will cause your tank to spring a leak.

The solution is that you need to have your water heater flushed several times a year to prevent sediment from building up. That’s when you need Calgary water heater repair.

Corroded Anode Rod

The anode rod is there to protect the water heater tank from corrosion, by being made of a material that attracts corrosive elements. Generally speaking, if your anode rod is corroded beyond safety measures, then it needs replacing. You should have your anode rod replaced at least every five years, which will save your water heater from breaking down prematurely.

Water Pressure’s Too High

Your water heater can, potentially, dramatically burst and cause a lot of damage. This is caused when the temperature within the water heater reaches a dangerous level – which is anything around 140 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s why you need to be sure that you set your water heater’s temperature correctly (anything between 120 and 125 degrees Fahrenheit). If not, then you need to call in immediately for Calgary water heater repair.

If you’ve got a plumbing or water heater emergency, then don’t hesitate to reach out for immediate water heater repair in Calgary. Contact Westhills today!

Generally speaking, over time your sewer lines may begin to clog. Being able to identify when it’s starting to happen will help you address the problem before you end up with a sewer line back-up that floods your home with sewage water. If you’re finding yourself with a clogged sewer line, then you need to know when to call a sewer line cleaning service. Here are four signs that your sewer line might be clogged.

Slow-Moving Drains

Noticing that water pools when you run water? If that’s the case, then it can be a sign that there’s a clog. That’s because drains tend to slow down when there’s a clog as the majority of sewer line clogs occur gradually and don’t completely block the pipe. Rather, over time, debris accumulates and makes it harder for waste and water to move through the pipe.

If you’re noticing that all of the drains in your home are slowing down, then the problem is likely to be a clogged sewer line. You’re likely to first notice this phenomenon with your toilets, as they’re usually directly connected to your sewer line.

Dark Water

If you’re noticing that, when you pull the plug on your bath and shower drains, that water is backing up, that’s a sign that there’s nowhere for the water to go. The water, then, moves backwards and seeks the lowest point of entry – which is likely a drain in your basement. And, unlike water leaks, the water that backups won’t be clear. Generally, the water that backs up will be dark and rather gross-looking.

It’s important to know that this water can contain raw sewage, so you need to be cautious when dealing with it. Make certain that you’re using the proper cleaning supplies and protective gear when you’re cleaning up any dark water backups in your home.

Gurgling Noises

Given that a clog in your main sewer line keeps your drains from functioning properly, you’re probably going to notice some odd things happening in and with your plumbing. The most common noise that’s reported is a gurgling noise from drains when they’re used, which signifies that they’re not working at optimal capacity and that there’s likely a clog in your mainline.

Clogged Fixtures

If the clog in your sewer line goes unnoticed and unfixed for long enough, then you’ll start to notice that your drains stop working altogether. You’ll start finding that your plumbing fixtures stop draining entirely. And since these fixtures are all connected, that means that a clogged sewer pipe will keep all of the fixtures in your home from draining.

If you’re noticing any of the above signs, then it’s time that you call a sewer line cleaning service – like Westhills. If you’ve got a clogged sewer line, we can help. Give Westhills a call today!

House maintenance can be a lot of work. Not to mention expensive. But there are preventative measures that you can take to save yourself money in the long term. One of those measures is to have your drains cleaned professionally regularly. A good drain cleaning service can save you from expensive and sometimes extensive repairs. Here’s why you should consider having your drains professionally cleaned!

Eliminates Clogs and Slow Drains

If you’re having trouble with slow drains and constant clogs, that’s a sign that your drains need cleaning. Regular drain cleaning can help keep your drains running smoothly and effectively, with no need for plungers or harmful chemicals. Those chemical drain cleaners don’t even do as good a job as professional drain cleaning and can leave behind toxic residue in your pipes.

Prevents Foul Drain Odours

You might have noticed that sometimes your drains have a pretty nasty, foul odour to them. That’s a sign that there’s buildup inside of them that’s causing bacteria to grow and fester. If you want to eliminate the smell, you’re going to need to eliminate the case. The best way to prevent the odours from forming in the first place is to have your drains cleaned regularly.

Helps with Pipe Lifespans

One of the ways to spare yourself extensive and expensive repairs is to have your drains cleaned on a regular basis. That’s right, regular drain cleanings can help with keeping your pipes functional for longer! That’s because it removes the buildup that can cause them to give out and fail.

Saves You Money in the Long Term

In the long term, drain cleanings on a regular basis can save you money. That’s because they can help prevent clogs from forming, saving you from having to call in an emergency plumber when your drains backup or overflow. Plus, it’s a good way to maintain the health and longevity of your pipes, saving you money on that front, too.

Finding a good drain cleaning service isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Let the experts at Westhills help. We’ve got years of experience with drain cleanings and can get yours running good as new! Give us a call today!