What are the Common Causes of Brown Water?

It’s pretty nasty to turn your tap on, only for icky brown water to come spewing out. There are two main causes for brown water and you don’t always require a plumbing repair in Calgary. Here’s what you need to know about the common causes of brown water and when you need to call in a plumbing repair.

Mineral Disturbances

The most common cause of brown water is an excessive amount of minerals or sediment in the water that’s been disturbed. Now, these minerals and sediments are naturally occurring in both the water and your pipes, but they can occasionally become dislodged and discolour your water.

If you’ve had construction done either on your home or the main water line – or if there’s construction happening nearby – then that could be the cause of the disturbance. If that’s the case, it usually corrects itself within a few hours.

Rusty Pipes

The second most common cause of brown water is that your pipes have corroded due to rust. While plumbing usually has a pretty long lifespan, corrosion does occur. If the corrosion within your plumbing system becomes bad enough, the rust begins to extend into the interiors of your pipes, causing the water that comes out of your taps to turn brown.

If rusty pipes are the cause of brown water within your home, then it’s only going to get worse with time. Eventually, your pipes will corrode to the point where they will begin to leak. You need to call a plumber to investigate and locate where the corroded sections of pipe are to properly repair your pipes and keep the problem from recurring.

When to Call for a Plumbing Repair in Calgary

If brown water is a persistent problem for you – or if it lasts longer than a few hours – then you need to make a call for a plumbing repair. A plumbing repair will catch the problem at its source and resolve it, so calling in a local Calgary plumber is the right choice.

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