Is your plumbing making gurgling noises

Is Your Plumbing Making Gurgling Noises?

If you hear a gurgling sound from a drain in your house, there is a problem with your plumbing system. The sound is caused by air being forced through water in your drain. It is a problem you should bring in residential plumbers to take care of immediately. 


Causes of Gurgling Sounds 

When water is flushed, air displaces it in the pipes. The water has to be replaced to avoid creating a vacuum that will prevent water from flowing correctly. If not, there’s a gurgle. Several reasons including; can cause it 


Blocked Drain 

An entirely or partially blocked drain can cause that gurgling sound. In a shower, it could be a ball of hair, and in a toilet, it could be wipes or sanitary products. In a kitchen sink, it could be food particles. So, if the sound is heard in one fixture, the problem could be localized. 


Obstructed Sewer Line 

If a gurgle is heard more in than one place, it could mean a more significant problem with vents or sewer lines. Professional residential plumbers will quickly diagnose the problem. 


Congested Plumbing Vents 

Another possibility is that the plumbing vents are congested. They serve the purpose of allowing air to flow into a plumbing system, so the correct air pressure is maintained. This is necessary for wastewater to be drained out of the house after it has gone down a drain.  


Why Gurgles Should Not Be Ignored 

Handling gurgles immediately can prevent bigger problems like total blockage or wastewater backing up into the house. A small problem like one blocked drain in the house is likely to snowball into a larger one if the fixture is still used. As food particles, rust, hairballs and other waste accumulate, there will likely be a complete blockage in the drains. If it is in the main sewer line, you will, ineffective, be without drainage at all.  


Westhills Plumbing & Heating to the Rescue 

If you are Downtown, Westhills or surrounding hills in Calgary, Westhills Plumbing & Heating are the residential plumbers to call when you hear that first gurgle. Trained, licensed, and certified plumbers will soon be there to find out where it’s coming from. Even better, consider signing up for complete, periodic checks of your home plumbing system to prevent problems in the first place. Then, make the call, and you are covered. 

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