Why is Sewer Line Cleaning Important?

Cleaning a sewer line is important for three main reasons: safety, efficiency and capacity. Sewer systems may be located above or underground. They are typically placed parallel to rows of houses or commercial buildings. The system includes a series of pipes, clean-outs, culverts, lift stations, manholes, traps, siphons and other systems. These and other structures do the combined work of collecting the wastewater in an area and moving it into a treatment plant or a disposal system. These structures are engineered to work with gravity to move wastewater away from houses and commercial buildings.

Blockages and Stoppages

If the different structures that make up a sewer system are working well, everything will keep moving smoothly. There is definitely a problem when wastewater stops moving away. Stoppages are caused by obstructions in the pipe or a defect like a leak or joint failure in a pipe.

Stoppage causes wastewater and any debris in it to back up instead of drain away. Eventually, it overflows and causes a blockage. This is a state that poses a threat to human health whether the waste is backing up into a home or commercial space.

Keeping Your Sewer Line

As the owner of a home or commercial building, it is your responsibility to prevent blockages or stoppages. The best way to do this is by taking the preventative measure of routine inspection and cleaning of your sewer line. A sewer line cleaning service can do this for you.

How Sewer Lines Are Cleaned

Sewer line cleaning services companies use machinery to safely and efficiently clean sewer lines. The machinery has high-pressure water jetting and a high-flow vacuum source. This type of machine is known as a combination sewer cleaner. It is the best because it cleans and unblocks at the same time. These two parts work in combination to scrub pipe lines clean and to vacuum up any debris causing stoppage and blockage. If there is any, it is removed and normal sewer flow is restored.

Even when there is no stoppage or blockage, there is still a need to clean sewer lines periodically. This is because dirt never stops accumulating over time. It may not be visible, but there is always debris such as leaves, sand and gravel that is carried by stormwater. When enough of it has accumulated, then the blockage is seen.

Keep Your Line Clean

It is at the least unpleasant and at worst unsanitary and a health hazard to see wastewater and debris from the sewer back up to your space instead of flowing away. Engage a sewer line cleaning service to start doing periodic checks and cleaning and it is a problem you will not have to deal with. Westhills Plumbing & Heating is here to help; give us a call today for a quote on our sewage line cleaning services.

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